Christmas Wish lish: Techy Edition...

With December starting tomorrow, logically Christmas comes to mind. And with this we think of Family, Friends, Delish dinners and Christmas morning opening presents. Unfortunately writing letters to Santa is out of the picture at my age but one can dream right?
These are some of the technological things on my wish list... Not that I necessarily need them but would looove to have them lol. 
Kindle Fire. Perfect for reading on the metro

Ipad. A step up from the kindle.
IPhone 4s
Of course I would need a cute cover for the iPhone.

These next gifts aren't really for me but more for my Canon T3...
Cute but functional camera bag
Joby tripod

Timer for my T3



Modern Family...

Todays post really had nothing to do with what I was actually going to write about. But after just watching last weeks Modern Family I was inspired to change the subject.
I am totally obsessed with Modern Family! I love the characters, story lines, great writing. One of the things I love the most is how the writers weave a a life lesson into the end of every episode, and THIS to me is what sets it apart from all other comedies out there right now.
Today while I ate lunch I was watching "Pumpkin Chukin" which was pretty much the realist Prichetts against the Dreamers in a contest to chuck a pumpkin across a football field. Long story short, the realist end up helping the others to successfully get the pumpkin across the field and at the closing Cam delivered this beautiful quote:

"You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true.
You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun and the realists, well without the dreamers they might not ever get off the ground."
I found this to be so true, and the way it was scripted and incorporated into the episode was just genius. Modern Family you've done it again.

Not so ordinary things.

I my friends am a blackberry user, not so secretly wishing I had an iphone ...but until then, I get my apple fix through my MAC computer and my ipod touch. What I love about the touch is having thousands of apps at your fingertips and one of my favs, which goes hand in hand with one of my hobbies is Hipstamatic. This app allows you to change the film and lenses and make the most ordinary things look extraordinary. I leave you with a collage of some of my favorite hipstamatic pics that I've taken. 

Enjoy and thanks for reading.


Featured !!!!!

I CANT BELIEVE IT! I've been featured...
Lets rewind a bit shall we... I am a loyal visitor of Fabsugar and all its affiliate pages. I love all their features on fashion, celebrity looks and shopping advice etc. Every week they post different looks and once a week they post the looks of week (10 to be exact). I just recently started posting some of my looks on their site in hopes of getting my blog and myself more out there.
Well, this morning I happened to be doing my usual blog and websites rounds and see they've already posted "Looks of week" I click and when I reach look #8 (ironically my lucky number by the way.. my bday too) OMG THERE I AM!! THAT'S ME
After jumping around for like 15 minutes and showing anyone and everyone in a 5 mile radius I sat back down and decided that this occurrence is definitely blog worthy. So there it is...My First featured! Thanks to Fabsugar!!!


"Under the same sun"

I have to give credit for the post title, seeing as I have recently become obsessed with Ben Howard and this is....

the title to one of his amazing songs. His music is relaxing yet thought provoking, his lyrics are art. Seriously though, I want his music to be the soundtrack to my life, go about my daily routine with his songs playing in the background. 

We are living in times where a lot of the music that we listen to is very superficial, it contributes no value. Don't get me wrong, I like music I can tap my feet to as much as the next guy girl but there is nothing I love more that stumbling upon an true artist.


Friday Fashion Round - up

In the past couple of years, fashion has become sort of like a little obsession hobby of mine. I wouldn't say I am the most "fashionista" or am up to date on every run way show and designer but I love it nonetheless. Living in Europe, I've found that I can express myself more freely with fashion, outfits and trying new things. Frankly no one here gives a damn how your dressed... and that I LOVE.
So I'm putting on my brave face and making my first "official" outfit post. This is just a summary or a "round-up" of my favorite outfits from this past month. 

*Thanks for reading

Green Cargos, Boots: ZARA, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Midi Skirt: Zara, Leather jacket: Bershka, Leopard scarf: Blanco, Ballet flats: Pilar Burgos

Skirt and Trench: H&M (old), Knit Scarf: Zara, Rain boots: Amichi

White skinnies: Mango, Leopard top: Zara, Mustard jumper, Jacket & Boots: Bershka, Purse: Kate Spade Jewlery: Swatch, Forever21, H&M, from greece.

Striped dress: Forever21 (borrowed), Jeans: guess, Yellow bag: BDG Urban Outfitters

Dress: Express, Cardigan & Scarf: Zara, Boots: Bershka, Belt: H&M


Culinarily Spoiled

Before starting with regular programing I would just like to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, whether you celebrate it or not. See to me this holiday isn't about having been born in America or it being an American holiday. The root of of Thanksgiving is just that, taking a day to share with family and friends to say thank you for a good year and for all the blessings life has given you. So whether your eating turkey and pumpkin pie today or just going about your normal routine, take a second to gives THANKS

On this day I am lucky enough to living in Madrid, as some of you may know, studying to get my masters degree. I actually ventured out early this morning to my nearest supermarket to try and see if there were ingredients to make either a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato casserole much to my disappointment there was neither. So here I am....back home telling you this story.
On the other hand, I can also give thanks that I am very culinarily spoiled, one of my roommates has become quite skill full in the kitchen and likes to experiment (yes, the same one that makes those Nutella cookies I can't eat ). Yesterday, I walk in and find her making some sort of egg concoction which looked very interesting. She asked me if I wanted some, sure enough I was on board.

What you need:

Muffin tin
Salt & Pepper
Any veggies you desire, can also add bacon and cheese

S made these by whisking eggs, seasoning with Salt & Pepper. Then she added spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. Pour into muffin tins and bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees. Check in on the mini muffins after about 15 minutes and should be ready in about 20. They should be the cosistency seen above.

Enjoy with a warm cup of coffee or tea.


Belly Button day

In spanish we have a saying "El ombligo de la semana" [...]

Which means that wednesdays are the belly button of the week. I'm sure you can figure it out... belly button middle of the body... wednesday middle of the week. Yea you got it. Well in lue of it being the middle of the week I leave you with some of my favorite funnies from pinterest to give you that extra shove to get to the weekend....

So Trueee...

Christmas soon to come.

Soo funny

nom nom nom nom....

Can't live without.....My Staples

We all have certain items that we can't get through the day without...
Our cellphones, ipad, laptops, favorite pair of sunglasses... the list could go on. There are things I use everyday, every time I get ready. They are the simplest things, but beauty products that are already part of my routine. If it weren't for these little products I don't thing my getting ready process would be complete.

My loyal partners.

  • The Body Shop Aloe Smoothing Day Cream. Apply every time I get out of the shower or wash my face. I have super sensitive skin and this stuff is amazing
  • Moroccan oil Hydrating Styling cream. I swear to you this stuff does magic.
  • I'm sure every lady recognizes the green marble compact. Clinique, Almost powder makeup to cover up any imperfections
  • Nars Blush: Orgasm. Gives just the ride pinch of color to my cheeks
  • Ecotools blush brush and Sephora egg shape makeup sponge. How would I apply this without this amazing brush, goes on just where I need it. And this sponge with its unique tips gets in all the little crevices
  • To finish everything off...Signature scents: Vera Wang for everyday and CHANEL Mademoiselle for special occasions.
Thanks to these simple yet amazing products, I feel like a person before I leave the house. 


Pretty Little Patient Waiters

OK. So now you know... I'm a PLL fan! Everyone has their guilty pleasures and this is one of mine (Not to mention The Lying Game, but that's another story). In only 6 weeks, Jan 2 to be exact, its the premier of the much awaited mid season continuance. Not only do we get to see how "A" messes with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Em... but what else am I so anxiously waiting for?  THE FASHIOOOON! I am totally OB-SESSED with how costume designer Mandi Line manages to create the most amaziing looks every week.
So I leave you with some of my fav looks from season one and two... enjoy.

Emily: Shay Mitchell

Spencer: Troian Bellisario
Aria: Lucy Hale

Hanna: Ashley Benson


S ²

My favorite vintage style Coffee mug. 
Saturday + Sunday = S ² [...]
This weekend has gone by much faster than I would've liked. Friday, Saturday and Sunday seem to just blur into one single day. Saturday was relaxing for the most part, breakfast on the couch  which I love and my roommate S (name to remain anonymous) made, what I have decided is her signature dessert, the Nutella Cookie. Now for those of you that don't know (which is all of you) I am HIGHLY allergic to nuts. The main component in Nutella? Hazelnut, this was bound to be a recepie for disaster (pun totally intended) but I couldnt resist sneaking into the kitchen to capture the cookie making process. I'll leave you with the recipie for those interested.

Nutella Cookie recipe: 

1 cup Nutella
½ cups Sugar
1 cup All-purpose Flour

1 whole Egg

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Blend all ingredients together well. 

Form into 1″ balls. 

Place on a cookie sheet. 

Press down firmly with the bottom of a glass. 

Bake 7-8 minutes or until set. Cool.

Sunday as usual in my house is dedicated to homework, studying and eating. It was my turn to make dinner, so I prepared a Chicken in a Mustard-Cream sauce with a veggie rice.
Really simple to make:
  • Cut about half an onion and 1/4 of a medium pepper into small pieces
  • Cut chicken breast into small squares and season with: Salt, pepper, granulated garlic and rosemary
  • Sautee onion in sunflower oil till transparent, then add chicken
  • Once chicken is cooked add about 3 table spoons of mustard. Mix
  • While this is cooking make a quick rice and when water is almost all evaporated add: Green peppers, onion and corn.
  • When mustard is incorperated add about 1/4 cup of heavy cream and splashes of milk so it isn't so thick.

Plate and enjoy.

But my favorite part of the entire weekend? Something so tiny and insignificant as the debut of the Christmas decorations in the apartment. Even though its still a month away seeing them around the house just makes me happy.

Lost in Translation

My weekends usually consist of:  [...]
  • Trying to rest after a heavy week of classes. (Grad school)
  • Not really being able to. Lots of work
  • Thinking about new and interesting blog post for my hopefully growing number of readers.
  • Relaxing breakfasts on the couch. mmm coffee.
  • Trying to cook delicious food that I don't have time to make during the week
  • Messing around with my 2 other Panamanian roommates S & A. Dangerous trio.
  • And last, hopefully getting in some sightseeing.
This weekend I could say coasted along those guidelines with a couple of detours here and there. Quick recap: Friday... Supposed to go see my first Rugby match. Googlemaps Blackberry app lead me in all sorts of wrong directions. Needless to say we were lost in Madrid but made the best of it. Got some Fro-yo and ended up ridiculously close to Santiago Bernabeu, the Real Madrid Soccer stadium.

What I ate: llao llao natural frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and mangos. mmm

What I saw: A street named like my cousins catering business. Cute little flower Market on Dulcinea street.
What I saw: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium surrounded by autumn beauty

What I wore: Shorts: Forever21, Sweater: American Apperal, Trench: H&M, Shoes: Stradivarius, Vintage Carrera sunglasses. (they were my moms when she was my age loove them)



For the first 15 years of my life I was brought up in Miami, celebrating pretty much every American holiday there was. With Thanksgiving just a week away, I'm absolutely nostalgic for the warm fuzzy feeling this particular holiday always brought me. Every year I would venture out to at least 2 or 3 different houses with my mom, feasting on Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and my absolute favorite: Pumpkin Pie. Now, I was living in one of the most tropical places in the US, but I have fond memories that mother nature granted us with a chilly nip in the air reminiscent of east coast Autumn. Something that is engraved in my memory for some reason, is finishing off the day watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" followed by "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on t.v, letting everyone know the Christmas season in kicking in. 

Everything Thanksgiving and Autunmy




Internal Tourism

Seeing that I'm living in Spain, internal tourism is a MUST. With easy access to AVE and RENFE, trains which get you from A to B in a jiffy (yes I just used the word jiffy), going on a day trips to the surrounding towns or cities are a great way to

enhance a weekend. Not long ago I took my roommate and the boy to Segovia, a beautiful little city just a 30 minute train ride away. Known for their Roman aqueducts, with construction dating back to the end of the 1st century, this is one of the most important landmarks in Spain. Another famous landmark is the Alcazar of Segovia, a castle which is rumored to be an inspiration to Walt Disney. 
Terrace lunch

Death by chocolate

The Sirens


Alcazar. Castle.

Enjoy the pics. Thanks for reading.