Spring Break

Spring is finally here... and with spring comes spring break! Starting today we are officially on break (but not entirely because we have some school work to do) and I am beyond exited because a cousin of mine is visiting me here in Madrid! For those of you on break as well, have fuun and enjoy!


My weak spot

I have always had a weak spot for a certain breed of dog... The Westie! Whenever I see them around I just melt a little inside. I am determined that at some point in my life I am going to own a westie and his name shall be "Super patas" or Patas for short....

I mean look at that face... how could you not want one!!



This past weekend was a long weekend here in Spain, so I went with a couple of friends from my masters to Valencia to the famous traditional yearly celebration called "Fallas". This name refers to both the monuments created and to the actual celebration. Famous artist spend the entire year working hard and building these beautiful monuments to then burn them on the last night called "La Cremá".
Another beuatiful sight is seeing "Las Falleras" in their traditional gowns walking around Valencia. Some walk in a religious processions and offer flowers to a empty construction of the "Virgen de los Desamparados" which are then placed in the empty slots to create a cloak with a beautiful design.
Plaza de Toros


Baby Fallera 
Beautiful Geisha inspired Falla

With Falleras and Andy from theprincesslittlebox 
The Virgin in process (not my photo)


The Odyssey

The other night my roommate posted on my wall am amazing video from Cartier, a mini movie depicting a little bit of its history, values and artistic inspiration. The video pretty much speaks for itself... Si I'll let it. 


Things to do: Madrid

Now that I am officially DONE WITH FINALS, I don't necessarily have a break in-between semesters but we will have a little less stress in our lives for the next few weeks until all the projects start up again. There is nothing I want more than to take advantage of that time to travel a little and see things in Madrid that I have yet to see... And most importantly take ALOT of pictures. I have had my T3 neglected for the past months, and I really miss taking photos. So this is a list of things I want to do and see and capture through the lens! 
I have never been to "El Mercado de San Antón" or The Reina Sofia museum.. and I am dying to go... I have been to the Parque del Retiro and walked down Paseo del Prado (in May of last year) but I'm exited to do it now that spring is kicking in and the weather is nice...And just stroll and enjoy the day!


Craving some Spring

The weather in Madrid has been teasing me for the past couple of weeks, it was February and some afternoons would go as high as the 60's and others as low as 30. Not to mention that I am finishing up final exams and presentations and classic, the most beautiful day of the year has to be spent studying in the library instead of strolling though Madrid, or having a ice cold beer on a terrace with friends (not fair)!
I have been desperately wanting to bring out my spring clothes and of course buy some of the cute things I've seen out and about for the season...

I leave you with some of my favs...All from Zara

The best for last... I am OBSSESED with this dress.


Oscars Best Dressed

For as long as I can remember I have always set aside Oscar Sunday to watch either alone or with friends but without a doubt WATCH IT. I think this has been the first time I haven't seen even one second of the awards ceremony 1. Because of the time difference (I think here they were like at 3 am) 2. Because I simply didn't have the time. 

I watch the Oscars for 2 reasons:

1. I'm a huge movie fan...and other than seeing the awards for best movie or actor, I love seeing all the production, direction, screen play etc aspect of it.

2. THE FASHION. Enough said. 

With this I leave you with some of my fave best dressed of the night...

Jessica Chastain in classic Alexander McQueen 
Kristen Wig in J. Mendel
Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli
Michelle Williams in Louis Vitton
(I have a thing for Colin Firth)
Last but not least... Best dressed couple of the night ;)


Saw it. Want it. Got it.

Well my friends... For those of you who read frequently, or to those just tuning in, some of you may know I posted recently about desperately wanting a Nespresso... and well... I finally got it! And I must admit it makes the most handsome addition to my kitchen and I have been using it non stop! I could not be happier... not to mention that the Customer Service at the Nespresso Boutique in El Corte Ingles near my home was amaziing! Now I´m just exited to try all the flavors and decide which will be my regulars!  


A new watch for my collection

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I loove watches... I own about 4 of them (now 5) but other than that I have also always been a fan of vintage and retro things, I actually have a pair of Carrera sunglasses that were my moms when she was 22 and I absolutely love them! Just this week I added something new to both collections... its not over 30 years old, but it is a Casio watch from their "Retro" Collection and I am obsessed with it... knowing me I wont take it off for a while...


MBFW... What I Wore

(I'm just gonna pretend that I haven't been kind of "neglecting" my poor blog and post as if nothing has happened) A lot has happened over the past few weeks, so it gives me enough ammunition for a lot of post to come... I'm gonna start off with what I wore to the day I went to fashion week a couple of weeks ago... I also want to give a special thanks to my two fellow bloggers and most importantly my friends who brought me along to my first fashion week... and also a thanks for the great pics....
Andy... theprincesslittlebox   &   Cris...elbauldeladyshira

Midi pleated skirt: Zara, Lace blouse: Lefties, Booties: Blanco, Lipcolor: Chatterbox MAC