About me

My original concept for this blog was to create clever post featuring photographs taken my moi. But then I thought... Why stop there? I am passionate and enjoy so many other things (read: photography, travel, cooking, fashion, books, movies etc.) that I would love to share with an audience that is willing to read. 
Why beautifully imperfect you ask? 
No one and nothing is perfect. But this is what makes each person unique and beautiful in their own way and it is important that everyone realizes that.

A little about me....
My name is Erika, I am a proud Panamanian who is currently living in Madrid. 

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  1. really i am impressed by your photography and copied them into my album. it is so significant and very special to me. i would like to follow your costumes for my heroine when i direct my first film. u r my great inspiration madam. thank u so much and i follow your blogspot regularly.