Featured !!!!!

I CANT BELIEVE IT! I've been featured...
Lets rewind a bit shall we... I am a loyal visitor of Fabsugar and all its affiliate pages. I love all their features on fashion, celebrity looks and shopping advice etc. Every week they post different looks and once a week they post the looks of week (10 to be exact). I just recently started posting some of my looks on their site in hopes of getting my blog and myself more out there.
Well, this morning I happened to be doing my usual blog and websites rounds and see they've already posted "Looks of week" I click and when I reach look #8 (ironically my lucky number by the way.. my bday too) OMG THERE I AM!! THAT'S ME
After jumping around for like 15 minutes and showing anyone and everyone in a 5 mile radius I sat back down and decided that this occurrence is definitely blog worthy. So there it is...My First featured! Thanks to Fabsugar!!!


  1. Congrats amiga!


  2. how fun!! congrats congrats.



  3. me fascina el look! very nice!

  4. K kool Erika me fascina tu blog