Pretty Little Patient Waiters

OK. So now you know... I'm a PLL fan! Everyone has their guilty pleasures and this is one of mine (Not to mention The Lying Game, but that's another story). In only 6 weeks, Jan 2 to be exact, its the premier of the much awaited mid season continuance. Not only do we get to see how "A" messes with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Em... but what else am I so anxiously waiting for?  THE FASHIOOOON! I am totally OB-SESSED with how costume designer Mandi Line manages to create the most amaziing looks every week.
So I leave you with some of my fav looks from season one and two... enjoy.

Emily: Shay Mitchell

Spencer: Troian Bellisario
Aria: Lucy Hale

Hanna: Ashley Benson

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  1. Estoy viciada en PLL! Can´t stop watching!