Closet addition: Baggy pants

For some reason I recently became obsessed with getting my hands on, what I like to call, "Aladdin Pants". Tomorrow I'm boarding a flight home (Panama for a week) and I was convinced that these pants would be the perfect solution for long plane rides (10 hours + 3 hours to be exact) and lay overs in between.

I have never been a fan of traveling in track suits or sweat pants because when you finally reach your destination it isn’t exactly the cutest thing to be wearing if you go out to eat after. So after searching the stores I found them!! The problem was I liked 2 pairs (very different one from the other) and couldn’t decide between both.... sooo…yea.... I got both... 

What I love is that you can dress them up or dress them down... wear with heels to dinner with friends or flats to walk around the city during the day! Yup.. I'm obsessed!!

Pants: Mango


Erika. Just like me.

After an abnormal missing in action from my part on Beautifully imperfect, I'm back and hoping to not disappear like I have before. 
My current obsession and crave for this spring and summer months are the Ray Ban Erika sunglasses! And I think I’m even more obsessed with the fact that they are named just like me (spelling and everything). My big debacle is whether to get them in the mint color (which doesn’t combine with everything) the nude or the tortoise. But I have one thing clear, they WILL be mine.

What do you guys think? What color should I get?