Christmas Wish lish: Techy Edition...

With December starting tomorrow, logically Christmas comes to mind. And with this we think of Family, Friends, Delish dinners and Christmas morning opening presents. Unfortunately writing letters to Santa is out of the picture at my age but one can dream right?
These are some of the technological things on my wish list... Not that I necessarily need them but would looove to have them lol. 
Kindle Fire. Perfect for reading on the metro

Ipad. A step up from the kindle.
IPhone 4s
Of course I would need a cute cover for the iPhone.

These next gifts aren't really for me but more for my Canon T3...
Cute but functional camera bag
Joby tripod

Timer for my T3


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  1. Hola guapa
    ya estoy por aquí, te sigo y ya mismo te enlazo a mi blog!!
    muchos besos