Can't live without.....My Staples

We all have certain items that we can't get through the day without...
Our cellphones, ipad, laptops, favorite pair of sunglasses... the list could go on. There are things I use everyday, every time I get ready. They are the simplest things, but beauty products that are already part of my routine. If it weren't for these little products I don't thing my getting ready process would be complete.

My loyal partners.

  • The Body Shop Aloe Smoothing Day Cream. Apply every time I get out of the shower or wash my face. I have super sensitive skin and this stuff is amazing
  • Moroccan oil Hydrating Styling cream. I swear to you this stuff does magic.
  • I'm sure every lady recognizes the green marble compact. Clinique, Almost powder makeup to cover up any imperfections
  • Nars Blush: Orgasm. Gives just the ride pinch of color to my cheeks
  • Ecotools blush brush and Sephora egg shape makeup sponge. How would I apply this without this amazing brush, goes on just where I need it. And this sponge with its unique tips gets in all the little crevices
  • To finish everything off...Signature scents: Vera Wang for everyday and CHANEL Mademoiselle for special occasions.
Thanks to these simple yet amazing products, I feel like a person before I leave the house. 


  1. Adoro el Moroccan oil!

    Besos bella

  2. What a crazy makeup sponge! I've never seen that one! I'll have to give it a try.

    And I'm all about NARS in Orgasm. I have the eyeshadow, too.


  3. Thank you so much for your comment! We should follow each other, Loved your blog!