Coffee Fiend (Part2)

Ok, so here I am, faced with a huuge dilemma (at least it is one for a coffee addict like me) I spent the weekend at a friends where our morning coffees were sponsored by non other than Nespresso, which I had tried a million times before and have been wanting the machine for a while, but after coming home and having a plain ol' cup of joe with my breakfast.... it isn't the same! I NEED A NESPRESSO! The thing is if I end up going back home, out electrical outlets are different.... so then what happens to my baby? 
Needless to say I am very stubborn person and when I get something in my head I can't get it out till I solve the problem... So yea, be prepared for a future post about me ranting and raving over my new Nespresso....


Back in action this week

H everyonee! I would once again like to apologize for having gone missing but I had one of the most intense weeks in my master last week and a little the week before as well.. I promise I will be back this week with more post for yoou! Thanks for your patience!!


More Hipstamatic

I was looking through my iphoto and came across more hipstamatic pics to share....  They were all taken here  in Madrid when I came in May of last year to visit a cousin of mine...


More truths...

A cousin of mine posted this on her Facebook this morning and I loved it! Sometimes we worry so much about what other people might think of who we are or what we do that we forget to live our own lives and do what makes up happy. NO ONE is perfect. NO ONE (I think putting it in caps-lock really gets my point across right ;) ) We all make mistakes, big ones, small ones, stupid ones and sometimes even smart ones that turn out to be something great. So its important to stop regretting what you do because most likely if you hadn't done it, you would be regretting later on that you didn't. You are the person you are today because of all the choice you have made. Good or bad. So be proud of who you are.

Thanks for reading.



Hi guys... Just wanted to stop by and say I'm sooo sorry for not having been that consistent with my post these past few days, but January is a heavy heavy month and we have ALOT of work to do for class. But just wanted to stop by and say I haven't forgotten about you guys. Keep stopping by because I will post just maybe a little more sporadically!!

Thanks for understanding



500 days of Summer

I don't know why I have been thinking about this movie lately, specifically in this particular scene. I love this song... its so upbeat and puts in a great mood whenever I hear it. So I leave you with a video of the scene which I find to be so fun. And if you have never seen the movie... Watch it!!


Coffee Fiend

I am a HUUUGE coffee fan! My day hasn't started unless I've had a nice really hot cup of coffee in the morning. Most people usually drink to avoid that nagging headache because of habit, others to wake up or stay awake... me? I drink it because I actually love the flavor. I've never really been affected by caffeinated drinks like coke, red bull or coffee so I just drink it because I like the taste. I love experimenting with different blends and trying products from other regions and, recently I came across a little shop which sells artisanal coffee blends from all over the world... I was in heaven! I bought a bag of their most sold and they grind it right there in front of you, very fresh! It has a great flavor, I would definitely recommend it, but usually I like my coffee stronger, so I cant wait to go back and try out some other blends.


How long till my birthday?

During Christmas break I did a lot of window shopping... as well as some real shopping (gotta take advantage of those sales or at least that is how I justify it) and came across this watch which I fell in love with! Its a spanish brand called Aristocrazy created by the owners of Suarez Jewelry. They have some pretty cool stuff... I kind of wanted it all! What a dilema... and since Christmas is long gone, all the way back into last year, the next moment I have to treat myself to this watch, is my birthday I guess..... but I don't think I can wait till then.. An early graduation present perhaps?

I leave with some of my fav itemss.... but don't go by me... check it out for yourself



I found this on pinterest the other day and found it to be quite funny... hope you laugh as much as I did. I know it looks really long but the "truths" are short... its worth the read. Some of my favorites are:

2, 4, 10, 13, 17, 25,  32

Happy Monday and enjoy. 


Parade Day

Shirt: Zara (borrowed), Jeans: guess, Boots: Bershka, Blazer, H&M

outfit inspired by one of my fav bloggers: Kendi Everyday


3 Wise Men Parade

Here in Spain, even though they celebrate Christmas it is very mild compared to celebrating the arrival of the 3 Wise Men on January 6th. Yesterday I went to the most beautiful parade which traveled down Paseo de la Castellana and ended up at Plaza de Cibeles finishing the night with a fireworks show. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



I've been on "vacation" from class for almost 2 weeks already and it has been bittersweet because despite the fact that I don't have to go to class we still have ALOT of work and projects to do anyway. So when I get the chance I like to get out and just walk around Madrid with no destination in mind. Yesterday the boy and ended up in a delishhhh restaurant called LATERAL and had some yummy food and a beer. It was a fun and relaxing time. If your ever in Madrid I highly recommend it! 

Tartar de Aguacate con Gambas. Soo good!

Coar: Benneton

Zara: Skinnys and flats, H&M: Cardigan and scarf, Primark: Purse, Rayban: Sunglasses
I though this was the most adorable thing ever. The little boy was trying to blow the leaves from the trees! 


Take my hand, lets go for a stroll

After 3 days of running around Paris trying to get in as much sight seeing as possible, we decided that on the last day we would just relax, walk around and experience the city as maybe some Parisians might. We rented a studio apt in the Trocadero area which was nice and calm, very residential, but had the Eiffel tower at just a 10 minute walk away. When we left the apt to walk around we came across this beautiful park and I decided it was good time for a photo op :)
After this we sat outside at a Cafe and I proceeded to have the most expensive cappuccino ever and just watch the people go by. This could have been one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. And of course I couldn't leave Paris without doing some window shopping (and some real as well).

Dress: Zara, Hat: H&M, Clutch: Bimba y Lola, Coat: United colors of Benetton

Bimba y Lola Clutch. Present from the Boy.