Mornings by the Eiffel Tower

 Eiffel Tower early in the morning... Before going up up and uppp! I had already spent 2 days in Paris before remembering to tell the boy to take some outfit photos, so forgive me I only have 3 outfits to post.
Boots & Sweater: Berska, Pants: Zara TRF, Purse: Stradivarius, Sunglasses: Rayban


Oui Oui Paris... Part III

I leave you with the last batch of photos, the next one will be dedicated to some outfit pics.

River Seine 
Panamá at Torre Eiffel 

Christmas Champagne 
The Famous Laduree
Notre Dame

Finally some rest and relaxation on the last day. Breakfast watching the people go by


Oui Oui Paris... Part II

I hope you're enjoying the pictures....

Thanks for reading :)

The classic Louvre picture....

Montemart area
Gallerie Lafayette
There will lots of these... More Eiffel Tower


Oui Oui Paris

I'll start off by saying I am ohh soo sorry for being M.I.A once again. But I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack seeing thats its the Holidays and all. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with all of their loved ones!
You may have noticed I like adding quotes to some of my posts... it gives them a different twist, adds an inexplicable feeling to what your about to see. Quotes are meant to be interpreted in different ways, they make everyone feel different things. To me this classic quote from Casablanca plays into the romantic and mystical side of Paris, but with a hint of sadness or longing that these 2 characters share, something that only they understand.

Being far away from home for the holidays isn't easy AT ALL. Especially when in my families we are full of traditions and celebrations. To soften the blow I spent Christmas in Paris, it was enchanting! What a beautiful city, there were moments in which I felt that I wasn't in 2011, everything felt soo.... Vintage. Parisians riding their bikes across the Louvre grounds or walking home from the Bakery with a fresh baguette! LOVED IT! Just like Rome I took tons of pics, so I'll share them with you in batches. 

So Paris.
Napoleon Apartments 


Roman Holiday... Part III

Piazza Venecia in the background
I'm kind sad to say this is the last batch of Rome pics I'll be sharing... I wish could upload all of them but I legit took like 600 pics in 4 days (woops.)

Night angels. Campo di Doglio
Fontana di Trevi at Night. 
"Our love in Rome... Eternal"
Colloseo early in the morning
Self pics with a DSLR are NOT easy... repeat. NOT
I got a little camera happy with all the little cars.


Christmas wishlist: Beauty Edition

There are 2 places I can go and just browse for hours... Barnes & Nobles (or Borders) and Sephora... Yea I know they are total opposites but, well... thats the truth. I have always been a fan of trying out different beauty products and consider myself kind of a makeup junkie... I love iit! With Christmas just 4 days away...I add another wish list of what I'm craving for my makeup drawers!
1. Benefits They're Real Mascara
2. Deborah Lippmann's Dark Side of the Moon & Just Walk Away Renee
3. Nars. Heatwave lipstick
4. Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Pop Art Edition
5. Sigma Brushes. 12 Brush Kit - Make Me Crazy - Purple 


Roman Holiday...Part II

Some more selections of Rome snapshots... I just feel that neither one nor two posts justify all the beauty I saw... so I just have to make it three.... 
Cupola of St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican City
St. Peter's 
One of the oldest gelato shops in Rome. Giolitti
Colosseo at Christmas
Il Colosseo
The Roman Forum


Roman Holiday... Part I

Italian flag effect
Few people know that Audrey Hepburn lived in Rome for over 20 years. I guess after shooting Roman Holiday she must have fallen in love with the city... and frankly who can blame her. Rome is captivating! I had the privilege to spend a couple days touring the city and I loved it! I'll be sharing some of my snapshots with you in parts because there are just so many I love. Enjoy...
When in Rome...
Piazza Navona
Early Morning. Trastevere Street.
Breakfast at Baylon Cafe.
Hanging out on the Trevi Fountain