Friday Fashion Round - up

In the past couple of years, fashion has become sort of like a little obsession hobby of mine. I wouldn't say I am the most "fashionista" or am up to date on every run way show and designer but I love it nonetheless. Living in Europe, I've found that I can express myself more freely with fashion, outfits and trying new things. Frankly no one here gives a damn how your dressed... and that I LOVE.
So I'm putting on my brave face and making my first "official" outfit post. This is just a summary or a "round-up" of my favorite outfits from this past month. 

*Thanks for reading

Green Cargos, Boots: ZARA, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Midi Skirt: Zara, Leather jacket: Bershka, Leopard scarf: Blanco, Ballet flats: Pilar Burgos

Skirt and Trench: H&M (old), Knit Scarf: Zara, Rain boots: Amichi

White skinnies: Mango, Leopard top: Zara, Mustard jumper, Jacket & Boots: Bershka, Purse: Kate Spade Jewlery: Swatch, Forever21, H&M, from greece.

Striped dress: Forever21 (borrowed), Jeans: guess, Yellow bag: BDG Urban Outfitters

Dress: Express, Cardigan & Scarf: Zara, Boots: Bershka, Belt: H&M


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