More truths...

A cousin of mine posted this on her Facebook this morning and I loved it! Sometimes we worry so much about what other people might think of who we are or what we do that we forget to live our own lives and do what makes up happy. NO ONE is perfect. NO ONE (I think putting it in caps-lock really gets my point across right ;) ) We all make mistakes, big ones, small ones, stupid ones and sometimes even smart ones that turn out to be something great. So its important to stop regretting what you do because most likely if you hadn't done it, you would be regretting later on that you didn't. You are the person you are today because of all the choice you have made. Good or bad. So be proud of who you are.

Thanks for reading.


  1. So true amiga!


  2. i liked it erika. i also shared in my face book. thank u