How long till my birthday?

During Christmas break I did a lot of window shopping... as well as some real shopping (gotta take advantage of those sales or at least that is how I justify it) and came across this watch which I fell in love with! Its a spanish brand called Aristocrazy created by the owners of Suarez Jewelry. They have some pretty cool stuff... I kind of wanted it all! What a dilema... and since Christmas is long gone, all the way back into last year, the next moment I have to treat myself to this watch, is my birthday I guess..... but I don't think I can wait till then.. An early graduation present perhaps?

I leave with some of my fav itemss.... but don't go by me... check it out for yourself


  1. Adoro aristócrazy!!
    yo también estoy enamorada de muchas de sus joyas
    muchos besos

  2. Wishlist!!!! =) Me encanta todo!