Coffee Fiend (Part2)

Ok, so here I am, faced with a huuge dilemma (at least it is one for a coffee addict like me) I spent the weekend at a friends where our morning coffees were sponsored by non other than Nespresso, which I had tried a million times before and have been wanting the machine for a while, but after coming home and having a plain ol' cup of joe with my breakfast.... it isn't the same! I NEED A NESPRESSO! The thing is if I end up going back home, out electrical outlets are different.... so then what happens to my baby? 
Needless to say I am very stubborn person and when I get something in my head I can't get it out till I solve the problem... So yea, be prepared for a future post about me ranting and raving over my new Nespresso....

1 comment:

  1. yo sin cafe no puedo vivir, aunque yo soy mas tradicional y todavía no tengo una máquina de estas
    muchos besos