Coffee Fiend

I am a HUUUGE coffee fan! My day hasn't started unless I've had a nice really hot cup of coffee in the morning. Most people usually drink to avoid that nagging headache because of habit, others to wake up or stay awake... me? I drink it because I actually love the flavor. I've never really been affected by caffeinated drinks like coke, red bull or coffee so I just drink it because I like the taste. I love experimenting with different blends and trying products from other regions and, recently I came across a little shop which sells artisanal coffee blends from all over the world... I was in heaven! I bought a bag of their most sold and they grind it right there in front of you, very fresh! It has a great flavor, I would definitely recommend it, but usually I like my coffee stronger, so I cant wait to go back and try out some other blends.


  1. jajjaj guapa
    yo soy como tu, ADORO EL CAFE!!
    solo tengo una pregunta, es español? jajaja