I'm off to Rome

Many of you might think I'm living the jet set life, last weekend in Portugal, this weekend in Rome, Christmas in Paris (when I put it in that context it actually kinda looks like it lol) but the truth is with soo much work we get piled on in my master, we have to plan ahead and take any weekend that looks somewhat travel-able (yea, I totally just made that word up I think). And it's by pure coincidence that all my trips just seemed to have been bunched up into one month. 
So with this post I say, see you soon... In a short while I'll be grabbing my carry-on once again and heading to Rome with my roomies. I leave you with some pics of a recent purchase I made in the Portugal airport in Parfois a store that sells the cutest accessories here in Europe. I bought the comfiest, furriest headband/ earmuff thingys to keep my ears warm in there winter months and a beautiful deep turquoise scarf. You see I realized not so long ago that ALL my scarves are neutral tones (read: black, grey, brown, beige)

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  1. pásatelo bien guapa
    muchos besos