Oui Oui Paris

I'll start off by saying I am ohh soo sorry for being M.I.A once again. But I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack seeing thats its the Holidays and all. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with all of their loved ones!
You may have noticed I like adding quotes to some of my posts... it gives them a different twist, adds an inexplicable feeling to what your about to see. Quotes are meant to be interpreted in different ways, they make everyone feel different things. To me this classic quote from Casablanca plays into the romantic and mystical side of Paris, but with a hint of sadness or longing that these 2 characters share, something that only they understand.

Being far away from home for the holidays isn't easy AT ALL. Especially when in my families we are full of traditions and celebrations. To soften the blow I spent Christmas in Paris, it was enchanting! What a beautiful city, there were moments in which I felt that I wasn't in 2011, everything felt soo.... Vintage. Parisians riding their bikes across the Louvre grounds or walking home from the Bakery with a fresh baguette! LOVED IT! Just like Rome I took tons of pics, so I'll share them with you in batches. 

So Paris.
Napoleon Apartments 


  1. I totally LOVE Paris! Great pics =)


  2. me encanta Paris!! yo tengo que volver!
    muchos besos