Things to do: Madrid

Now that I am officially DONE WITH FINALS, I don't necessarily have a break in-between semesters but we will have a little less stress in our lives for the next few weeks until all the projects start up again. There is nothing I want more than to take advantage of that time to travel a little and see things in Madrid that I have yet to see... And most importantly take ALOT of pictures. I have had my T3 neglected for the past months, and I really miss taking photos. So this is a list of things I want to do and see and capture through the lens! 
I have never been to "El Mercado de San Antón" or The Reina Sofia museum.. and I am dying to go... I have been to the Parque del Retiro and walked down Paseo del Prado (in May of last year) but I'm exited to do it now that spring is kicking in and the weather is nice...And just stroll and enjoy the day!

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  1. Tenemos que ir a todo! =) Again hahaha